Hurley Maneuvers

Standard Action Maneuvers:

Block (Grapple): You can attempt to tie up an opponent and prevent them from moving or taking AOOs. Roll your CMB and compare it to their CMD. If successful, both you and your opponent are unable to move or take AOOs as long as you are blocking them. You must make a check to maintain a block each round. If an opponent blocks you, on your turn you may attempt to break free of the block by beating their CMD with your CMB.
Body check (bull rush):You can attempt to push your opponent away with a body check. This maneuver can be made at the end of a charge. Roll your CMB against the opponent’s CMD. If you succeed, the target is moved 5 ft. back. For every 5 you beat their CMD by, they are pushed back another 5 feet.
Disarm: You can attempt to knock your opponent’s caman out of their hands. Roll your CMB against their CMD. If you succeed, their caman is knocked to the ground. You can kick a caman that is on the ground 10 ft. as a move action, or 20 ft. as a standard action.
Juke (Feint): You can attempt to juke an opponent, causing them to overact in the wrong direction, and setting them off balance. You can juke any one opponent within 15 ft. Roll Bluff, and if it exceeds 10 + your opponent’s base attack modifier + your opponent’s Wisdom modifier (or 10 + Sense Motive, whichever is higher), they become staggered on their next turn.
Shoot: You can attempt to score if you have the ball. Roll a ranged attack, taking a -2 for every 10 ft. you are away from the target besides the first. If you fail, the shoot/pass stops 1d6 x 5 feet away from your target, but never within 5 ft. of you.

Standard/Reaction Maneuvers:

Trip: You can attempt to trip an opponent as a standard action or an attack of opportunity. Roll CMB vs. CMD. If successful, they fall prone.
Steal: You can attempt to steal the ball from a player, either as a standard action or an attack of opportunity. Roll CMB vs CMD. If successful, you gain control of the ball.

Move Action Maneuvers:

Pass: Passing works exactly like shooting, but your intended target must be a player on your team. You can pass as a move action.

Hurley Maneuvers

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