Sheep witch.


Evil eye

Sheep familiar.
Skeleton dog.
+/- miscellaneous sheep/cows/horses.

Pretty worthless with conventional weapons? And spells pretty much at this level. Got those knowledges though.


Shepherd. Gained power by making a deal with Hellcrown Berithan. Sheep familiar (sheep or riot!). Lost dog Blueieio at sea; sent her sheep to ask Berithan what she could do to get Blue back, and woke up with a skeleton totally normal dog. Being a witch is pretty handy. Unsure if (official) knight of group is aware of her status or if he truly believes she is just Bo Peep. Had a whole herd of sheep, but sold them for supplies to save room on the ship. Got bitten by a wereshark (outcome unsure?). Victims of her hexes are usually unsure wtf she is doing with her face. Only party member to have not made out with Daire yet (besides perhaps Kendra?).

Image edited from clip art in MSPaint.


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